Demonstrator Feedback Questionnaire - Winter Roadshow 2015

Thank you for helping out with the CHaOS December Roadshow 2015. The CHaOS committee would like to know what you thought of the experience so that we can improve the roadshow for future years. If you want to make an anonymous submission then log out of the website and complete the form (it can be found by following the link to the Winter Roadshow sign up page from the Volunteers' page). Thank you again!

Was this the first time you've volunteered with CHaOS?
Have you done any other type of science outreach before?
Have you ever worked with children/ families before?
Are you likely to volunteer for more science outreach in the future?

Select as many as appropriate.

Select as many options as appropriet

(Sessions run on the 26th, 28th and 29th November by Sophie Brown)

What were the most useful aspects? Was anything unhelpful?

This will help us to change our training next year to make it more useful.

YesNo CHaOS events work?
...CHaOS experiments? provision? arrangements?
Did you read about any of the CHaOS experiments before you joined the roadshow?
Was the written explanation of your experiment adequate?
Could you demonstrate your experiment without further help?
Were you confident that you knew enough to explain the experiment before visitors arrived?

And do you have any comments or improvements to suggest about it. [Note that if you answer this question then you might not be very anonymous...]

Please give details